We answer some common questions that arise when hiring a vehicle. Please contact us if there is any further questions about our rental service.

1What do I need to rent a vehicle?
At the time of the rental, you need your passport or identity card, credit card (for bail) and a driver's license. The law in Spain allows you to drive 50cc and 125cc motorcycle with a car driving license. US licenses must be translated by an official translator or complemented by an international license.
2Can I pay by credit card?
You can pay with Mastercard, Visa and Paypal. Remember that you also need the card for the security deposit we require to rent any of our vehicles.
3Do I have to leave some kind of security deposit?
Yes, you must leave a deposit of 250€ that is reimbursed once you return of the vehicle. This deposit can be generated with a credit card or cash also.
4Can two people ride a bike?
Most of our vehicles are capable of carrying two people. There are also some single-person vehicles. Please check before booking.
5What if I have an accident or the vehicle is stolen?
The contract includes insurance against damage to third parties. The theft of the vehicle must be covered by the user unless there is a special insurance policy against all risks.
6What does the insurance cover?
Insurance covers damage to third parties only.
7Should I fill the fuel tank when returning the vehicle?
We will deliver the bike with a full tank, so you must return it with a full tank as well. Otherwise you must pay the amount of 10€.
8Can I leave town?
With the insurance included in the rental price, you get a range of coverage of 40kms around the city.